Bratch to Coven – Dry start but wet afternoon (again)!

We were well and truly gazumped to the first lock this morning with the boat in front of us leaving at 6-30am! We managed a 7-30am start ourselves and travelled 9.5 miles and 6 locks from Bratch to Coven.

When we left were unsure as to whether we were going to stop at Coven or carry on to Gailey. When we got to Coven it was gone 12pm and the threatened rain for the afternoon was looming ever closer. It would have taken about another 2 hours to get to Gailey and finding the visitor moorings here completely empty we stopped.

As it happened we made the right decision because we had just walked up to the shop and back and got into the pub when it did indeed start raining. It was light at first but it soon turned into proper rain.

It has turned chilly now as well so this afternoon I have lit the fire. I know it’s June but I don’t care!

Tomorrow’s activities depend on the weather which is forecast to be a washout so we may stay here and go to Wolverhampton on the bus. We have threatened to do that nearly every time we have moored here but never have yet. Of course if by some miracle it isn’t raining tomorrow then we will move on.

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