Branston to Willington

We are nearing the end of this particular part of this year’s cruise. We know when we’re getting close to Sawley because every other boat you see is a Canaltime!

Today’s leg of the journey wasn’t very exciting apart from when a woman drivingĀ  one of the aforementioned Canaltimes turned the tiller the wrong way, veered across the canal and was coming straight at us at ramming speed! Fortunately they were just able to miss us.

We saw Brian, the Maltese Cockney, going the opposite way having finally managed to escape from the marina. I was inside at the time but heard him and Ken shouting to each other as they passed.

Faced with the prospect of viewing the delights of Burton, after I had done Dallow Lane Lock I opted for doing the hoovering and mopping!

We arrived at Willington about 2 and a half hours after we left Branston and carried on through the village, glad that we didn’t need to go to the sanitary station as there seemed to be a rather large queue and moored just past the marina entrance.

After sandwiches we went over to Midland Swindlers for a new shorter hook up lead, some special offer blue for the loo and some bulbs. We took these back to the boat then headed into the village for a few things from the Coop and a nice pint of Boot outside The Dragon.

There has been a lot of boat activity here this afternoon and I think Ken may have given up the idea of doing some fishing!

Tomorrow we are off to Weston – probably.


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