And 6 or 7 weeks later ………… It’s all changed here!

So, when last I posted we were buying a flat near my Dad’s. Well, that has all fallen through but we are now in the process of buying another one in Broad St (Bungay), which we are going to rent out and because we had to start the buying process again and needed to move sooner, we have rented one for ourselves to live in in Earsham St (Bungay).

Waveney is up for sale too! We spent quite a few weeks on refurbishments – painting, varnishing, cleaning etc and she went on sale last week.

Since when we have been packing. Packing on a narrowboat is not the easiest thing in the world to do because when you have filled a box with stuff, where do you put it? Unlike when you pack in a house and put the boxes in the spare room we had to transfer our full boxes to the car! One such box managed to empty it’s contents all over the car park in transit!

We have made a couple of trips to Suffolk to off load the boxes and have, we reckon, another 2 trips worth to go. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get in a narrowboat.

We are picking up the keys to our rental flat at the end of the week and then we can start moving in, if we can remember where we have deposited all our belongings! Some are in Peter’s garage, some we have left in Dad’s spare room and some are the other side of Norwich!

We have a load of furniture on order as well because obviously we haven’t got any furniture, lots of stuff but no actual furniture. I have to say I am looking forward to having a full size wardrobe that I can stand in front of and actually see what I’ve got in there! And there are other things I’m looking forward to too – a King size bed that Ken can get out of his side of without clambering over me, big squishy reclining chairs, gas central heating, not having to remember to fill up with water, no humping bags of coal about, etc, etc, etc.

Although we have had some really good times in our seven years on the boat and have enjoyed most of it I think the time has come when we can think of more reasons to go home than to stay. Our next boating adventure will be a cruiser on the Broads when we will become ‘yoghurt potters’!


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